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Wildwing Drive Mailbox Relocation

Mar 22

Wildwing Dr. Mailbox Kiosk Relocation: Due a requirement made by the Town of Timnath to move the mailboxes for American Disability Act (ADA) compliance, two mailbox kiosks on the North side of Wildwing Dr. will be relocated and placed along the sidewalk on the South side of Wildwing Dr. (see map below). WW Development LLC, Wildwing Metro District and the Town of Timnath coordinated to select the locations. WW Development LLC is contracting and coordinating the work. Interruptions in mail service are not expected as the work will only take a few hours. Access and assigned mailbox numbers will also remain unchanged. Please contact the local Timnath Post Office with any questions about mail service.

Aerial map showing residential streets, roundabouts, and marked proposed mail kiosk relocations.


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