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Parks & Open Spaces

Parks & Open Spaces

WildWing’s landscape design is consistent with the requirements of the Town of Timnath’s Comprehensive Plan (2020) and Parks, Recreation, Open Space + Trails Master Plan (PROST Plan) which all development projects are evaluated against. Both of these plans contain the Town’s stated goal of “Develop and maintain parks, trails and recreational facilities in an environmentally sensitive manner.”  In support of this goal, the Town has identified a variety of objectives for the goal including the following:

  • Objective: Place emphasis on the use of non-irrigated landscapes, native species, and low water plant materials. Provide information to developers that describe xeriscaping and low water landscaping. Encourage developers to landscape with native species that blend into the area and require less water.
  • Objective: Preserve areas of high quality natural vegetation.
  • Objective: Establish standards for open space corridors associated with various types of trails, and locate trails to provide pleasant and safe experiences. Include designated open space and trails as part of the project design for new developments.

The goals and objectives of the plans are supported by community surveys conducted by the Town. As a part of the PROST Plan survey, respondents were asked “What recreational amenities are most important to have in parks or open spaces IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?  The results of this survey question show that people feel the most important amenities in neighborhood parks and open spaces are:

  • Walking paths (91% of respondents)
  • Multi-purpose trails (77%)
  • Playgrounds (71%)
  • Seating/benches (68%)
  • Restrooms (67%)
  • Natural areas (61%)

Of less importance to people are:

  • Outdoor swimming pool (59% of respondents)
  • Lake/pond (58%)
  • Gathering/events space (58%)
  • Picnic shelters (57%)
  • Multi-use turf area (49%)

The Town reviewed and approved the landscaping plans for the WildWing Community. In these approved plans, the landscaping for common open space is predominantly irrigated and non-irrigated dryland grasses. Sodded turf areas are limited to smaller areas of visual interest, streetscapes and parks. Landscaping of WildWing’s parks and open spaces utilizes native and/or drought tolerant plant species.  The final approved landscape designs for the different development phases of the community can be found by clicking on the links below:

Phase 1 (Filing 1) – Custom Homesites & Patios at WildWing

Phase 2 (Filing 2) – CalAtlantic/Lennar Homes – Farmhouse Patios At WildWing

Phase 3 (Filing 3 & 3A) – Custom Homesites & Retreat at Wildwing

Phases 4 & 5 (Filing 4) – Custom Homesites

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