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Weed Control

Jul 11

Natural Area Chemical Applications: The district’s landscape contractor FLM performs chemical weed control in natural areas throughout the district on an infrequent basis as needed and as weather allows. Temperature, humidity level, and wind all effect when FLM can and cannot perform chemical weed control. The sporadic aspect of these applications makes notifying residents within adequate timing when chemical applications are to take place in these areas difficult. FLM will not use chemical weed control when weather does not allow. Yellow flags are placed in areas that have received a chemical application recommending public not to enter these areas or allow children or pets to for 24 hours post application.


Manicured Area Chemical Applications: These applications are less frequent and can be planned as weather allows. FLM will notify the district at least 48 hours prior to completing the chemical application providing information such as when and where the chemical will be applied. The district website will be updated as to notify residents of these chemical application services in manicured area. Flags will also be placed in areas where this type of chemical application is completed.

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