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Timnath Reservoir Shoreline and Water Quality Information

Aug 10
Dear WildWing Residents,

 We hope that you are enjoying your summer!

This communication is to remind residents where they can find water quality information for the Timnath Reservoir and to ask for help in ensuring that all WildWing residents refrain from modifying the shoreline and riprap.

Reservoir Use and Water Quality Information

The Town of Timnath website has a section where Reservoir Policy and a Water Quality Report can be found. The policy states, "The reservoir is used for recreation purposes and agricultural irrigation supply. As in any natural body of water, microorganisms are present, which may cause illness if ingested. The Town monitors the water quality and will provide notification when there are potential water quality concerns. However, users of the reservoir assume all risks associated with coming into contact with the water." 

Reservoir Shoreline 

A letter was sent to WildWing residents in June 2023 by the Town of Timnath, Cache La Poudre Reservoir, and Ditch Company.

The letter contained information on the activity to the shoreline bench and riprap on the reservoir's banks. It outlined that the project's long-term goal is to protect the shoreline from erosion and build a walking path along the bench area. As the crews work towards this goal, the bench provides access to the reservoir's perimeter. The letter informed residents that any unauthorized modifications to the riprap constitute trespassing onto private property and carries penalties. No one is authorized to work on the shoreline adjacent to WildWing properties or install items such as beaches or docks. Any work done to these spaces requires authorization from Cache La Poudre Reservoir and Ditch Company. Please reference the Town of Timnath's Reservoir Policy for details.

 Since the letter was sent, there is evidence that residents have engaged in work done to the shoreline or riprap without authorization. We ask residents to return the shoreline to its original state to avoid penalties. The Cache La Poudre Reservoir and Ditch Company have informed the WildWing Metro District Board that it comes at the homeowner's expense if they must do the work to return the shoreline to its original state.

Currently, the Town of Timnath and Ditch Company allow WildWing residents access from the north side of the reservoir. They have informed us that if there are continued issues with modifications and unauthorized work done to the shoreline, our community is at risk of losing access to the reservoir from the north side.

We ask all WildWing residents to help us be good neighbors to the Town of Timnath, adhere to all postage signage, and refrain from modifying the shoreline to preserve our access.

Thank you,

 WildWing Metropolitan District Board Members