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Reporting Water Leaks

Jun 12

Dear WildWing Residents, 

 As mentioned in our email on May 26, we will provide  periodic communications a variety of topics, including  water conservation. The second topic in our series is on How to Report Irrigation Leaks and Excessive Watering of Common Areas. 

 WildWing is a special community with fantastic walking paths and recreational spaces. As you enjoy our common areas, please help us with our water conservation efforts by reporting water leaks, broken sprinkler heads, or any overwatered common areas. The watering system is now on and pressurized for the season. However, it is possible that  issues could occur as our landscaping contactor works to get the system operating properly. By working together, we can reduce the risk of our water supply being exhausted early. 

 How to Report watering concerns for common areas

  • Email the Metro District at
  • Call the Metro District at 970-617-2467
  • Report emergencies, like running water, by calling 970-669-3611
  • Include the location by noting the closest address or cross street and a photo, if possible

Non-emergency Process

Non-emergency call and email communications are picked up once a day by the Metro District staff and passed on to the facilities team who reaches out to the landscaping contractor. The issue is added to the punch list for the next scheduled site visit.  

 Emergency Process

Emergency call and email communications received during business hours are addressed immediately by the Metro District Wildwing team.  

 Emergency after hours calls received by the emergency number are answered by a call service and routed to a Metro District Wildwing on-call team member. All concerns are logged for tracking and resolution documentation. If there is a recurring concern from the community, information is posted on the news section of the District website.

Look for our next communication on How to Monitor the Use of Non-Potable Water on your Monthly Bill. 

We appreciate your patience and collaboration in ensuring our community is well maintained and supplied with water all season. 



WildWing Metro District

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