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Pressing Community Issue

Sep 29

WildWing Metro District Residents,

 The District has been made aware of a pressing issue in the WildWing community that requires your immediate attention and, if necessary, correction.

 Over the past five years, an increasing number of private Lots have directed sump pump and gutter downspouts to drain onto WildWing Metro District property, resulting in flooding and damage to District property. No builders in WildWing have been authorized to grade a Lot so that excess water drains onto District property.

 Therefore, the District requires any homeowner who has water from their Lot discharging onto Metro District land to immediately re-route the lines/drains back onto their property. Many owners have successfully routed drains into a garden area or rock bed.

 Before starting the 2024 irrigation season, please review your Lot to eliminate excess water draining onto District property.  

 Effective January 1, 2024, an inspection of all District property will begin to ensure Lots discharging water in this manner have been re-directed as required above. Homeowners not complying will receive a Notice from the District and, if not immediately corrected, will risk the imposition of fines for damage caused to District property.

 Finally, all residents need to remember that the District property is off limits to residents mowing/watering, re-grading, installing step pavers/stones, or disposing of grass clippings, plant material, trash, etc.

 Please reach out to the District with any questions at

 Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation,

 WildWing Metro Districts 

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