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NWCWD 2023 Non-Potable System Operations Plan

May 5

Wildwing Resident.

 I want to share with you information that the WildWing Metro District has just received from the General Manager of the North Weld County Water District (NWCWD). This information provides us with the planned operation of the non-potable water system that serves our community.

 Specifically regarding the operational dates of the system, here are the key items to know…

 1. System Start-up: North Weld plans to begin non-potable system deliveries to Wildwing on the date on which the Larimer and Weld Irrigation Company (LWIC) commences deliveries to its shareholders via the Larimer and Weld Canal. Deliveries to the canal begin when LWIC starts operations on the canal, which is normally in May. For your reference, in 2022 the LWIC delivery season was from May 25 to September 16.

 It is important for residents to understand that the canal is the primary supply source for WildWing's irrigation storage ponds which feed the non-potable system. As such, if the canal is not operating, North Weld has no ability to refill the ponds. The ponds hold a limited supply of water and with the community nearly fully built out, this water could be exhausted in approximately 10 days if the canal water is not available. This is the main reason the system is not activated earlier in the season. For those who have resided in the community for some time, you may remember the system being activated earlier. However, in prior years there were far fewer developed lots drawing on the limited water supply in the ponds.

 2. End of Season: North Weld will cease delivering water to Wildwing when at least one of the following conditions is met:

·          The LWIC ceases water deliveries to the canal for the season, and Wildwing cannot deliver additional water to the irrigation ponds in an amount and rate that, in North Weld’s sole discretion, is sufficient to operate the non-potable system reliably and safely; or

·         When water deliveries to WildWing’s non-potable system have reached 180 acre-feet.

With WildWing basically at full build-out, the second condition is the most important for all residents to be aware of. The original 2007 non-potable water agreement with NWCWD capped the non-potable water supplied by them at 180-acre feet. During the 2022 irrigation season, the community’s non-potable water usage often exceeded 2-acre ft of water per day. If the community’s daily usage averages 1.5-to-2-acre ft a day, the community would have only 90 to 120 days of non-potable water for use during the irrigation season.

 Many have asked why the supply of non-potable water did not increase with the growth of our community. The simple answer is the total amount of land developed and the portion to be irrigated has not grown. In fact, the expected land area requiring irrigation has actually decreased from the original development plan as the density of homes was increased and additional roads were added.

 The best and quickest way for the WildWing community to extend the irrigation season is through conscious conservation and the efficient use of the limited water resource we have. Each estate home lot owner should be mindful of the non-potable water allocation they have pursuant to their water service agreement (i.e., tap agreement) with NWCWD. This allocation is typically 70% of 1 acre ft. This information appears on your water service agreement and/or on your monthly non-potable water bill. Your NWCWD bill shows your non-potable water allocation as well as your individual monthly and YTD usage. For residents living in WildWing’s patio home communities, please know that the owner associations you belong to also have specific non-potable water allocations they are managing to.

 PLEASE NOTE: For those residents considering using their potable water supply for irrigation purposes, please know that NWCWD has approved over-allocation rates in place specifically for property owners whose potable water usage exceeds their water service agreement. These rates start at $6 per 1,000 gallons and can go as high as $22 per 1,000 gallons based on the extent the usage exceeds the allocation. Simply put, you will be charged for any additional usage of your potable water allocation.  Additionally, to protect the potable water system from contamination, NWCWD has deemed it unlawful for a property owner to install any cross connection between the potable and non-potable systems which serve their property.

 Finally, it is important to note that the WildWing Metro District is a customer of NWCWD, just as all homeowners are. The District will continue to provide information to you as we receive it regarding this issue, along with information regarding water conservation, lawn watering, water-wise landscaping, etc. We appreciate your attention to these communications and your cooperation in helping to conserve and effectively manage Wilding’s limited supply of non-potable water.


 John Troka, President

WildWing Metropolitan District No.1

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