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Bond Closing Announcement

May 3
To the Wildwing Metropolitan District:

On behalf of the Finance Sub-committee of the Wildwing Metropolitan District Board, I am pleased to tell you that the transaction to refinance our District’s bonds is complete!

With the closing of this transaction, the District will have achieved its original goals of:

Decreasing the overall debt for the District

Decreasing the ongoing interest cost to the District

Increasing O&M revenue to the District

Negotiating and reducing the outstanding debt obligations to the Developer

Fully exiting the Developer upon completion of certain work

I would like to personally thank my fellow members of the Finance Sub-committee – Steve Lampo, David O’Leary of Spencer Fane and Brendan Campbell of Pinnacle Consulting, along with Laci Knowles and Andrew Wheeler of D.A. Davidson for their diligent work over the past several months to allow us to meet our goals. I would also like to thank John Troka, the District Board’s President, for his decisive action and participation when needed most. It was most appreciated.

I would also like to thank members of the Board for their questions, comments and attention during our meetings on this topic. Last but not least, thanks to the Community members who attended meetings and actively participated in discussions about this transaction.

I believe our District Community will be in a much stronger financial position as a result of this transaction.



Barbara E. Shaw, Board Member 

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